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The after-school program in MP has officially started. Children there lack daily necessities. LLH’s activities and classes have become a great support to them.

Congratulations to Arpana, a recipient of Light and Love Home Scholarship on her graduation! Not only did she graduate with outstanding academic results—ranked the first in her class, she also got a job after graduation. We are very happy for her and proud of the work Light and Love Home has done.


Team of volunteers from Light and Love Home recently visited Delhi to see the needs there and explore the opportunities for charity projects in the area. It resulted in a decision being made to start an After School Tutoring Centre in a new location.

The person-in-charge of New York Light and Love Home Charity Services visited Rajasthan for the first time. He and the team were treated to tasty, real fresh milk produced by milk cows purchased by Light and Love Home. The team’s greatest satisfaction was to see the hopeful smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries.


Some of the washrooms that we sponsored to build were completed. It will give convenience and improve the quality of life for the local residents.

After the team’s visit in 2014, we have started the following new projects.

      1. We will build washrooms in six districts to improve villagers’ living standard and input knowledge of hygiene and sanitation.
      2. LLH donors will continue to sponsor five orphans’ living expenses and education fees.
      3. LLH invested in a cow farm in Rajasthan for our Living Enhancement Program.
      4. Thanks to the local coworker of LLH, who donated a land for us to build an English-based school and a dormitory. We aim to serve the local residents.

The Program Co-ordinator went to visit the home-based children home. He took the children for after-school activities outdoors.

The children spent their "game time" in the field helping out with farming!

Remark: 0% Administration fee policy is applied to all programs and projects organised by Light and Love Home Worldwide Charity Services.

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